Management Committee

The Management Committee

  1. Mr. D. Augustine Jebakumar – Secretary
  2. Dr. E. Mahiban Ross – Principal
  3. Mrs. Ruby Manoharan – Vice Principal
  4. Mrs. Anita Franklin – Head Mistress
  5. Mrs. Reena Goforth – Advisor
  6. Mrs. Briskila Kirubagaran – Asst. Head Mistress (Junior Block)
  7. Mrs. Daisy Immanuel  – Asst. Head Mistress (Kids Block)

Responsibilities of the Management Committee.

  1. To manage the day to day affairs of the school.
  2. Setting the strategic direction to guide and direct the activities of the school
  3. To appoint the staff required
  4. To take disciplinary action on staff if needed
  5. Ensuring the effective management of the school
  6. To plan & execute the infrastructural development of the school
  7. To monitor the activities of the school to ensure they are in keeping with the principles, objects of the school.